OMG!!! This always used to make me laugh.

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I think a career in criminology would be awesome.

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Large-Scale, Photorealistic Graphite Drawings With Wonderful Surrealist Elements

by  Jono Dry




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This is actually pretty important

very important information

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The Twilight Zone

"Long Distance Call" (1962)

This shit is so real. Spirit phone calls.

I lived with my grandmother as her caregiver for many years. She would listen in when I would talk to my best friend on the phone. She’d pick up the rotary phone in her room and just listen. My friend and I could totally hear when she’d do it and we’d stop talking and I’d ask what she needed. After she passed, my friend and I heard her do this a couple times more.

Also, the rotary phone would ring occasionally after her death, and after I had the house line disconnected and went to only having a cell phone.

The old phone is now in my daughter’s room and she plays with it.

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